Micro Soldering and Welding Unit «Lötstar 176»

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Micro Soldering and Welding Unit «Lötstar 176»

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  • Gas generator with a maximum gas output of 160 li-ters/hour,
  • Easy operating by micro controller with free choice of the desired gas pressure
  • Meets high safety standards by working pressure control device and separate safety pressure control device, flame barrier and temperature activated cut off of the gas flow
  • Automatic leak test
  • Monotoring of service interval an elapsed time indicator for the time of gas production
  • Low cooling air noise by a temperature-controlled cool-ing circuit
  • Lowest operation costs by the long lifetime of the elec-trolyte and gas cleaning/condensate separation without consumption materials like e. g. filter packages
  • Version in accordance with German standard DIN 32 508 and the rules for prevention of accidents

Suitable for a welding and brazing of parts in electric industry, for polishing of plastics.

Technical data Lötstar 176
Mains voltage 230 V
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz
Mains fuse 16 A
Max. gas production 160 l/h
Number of workstations 1-4
Dimensions W x H x D 490 × 515 × 375
Weight 48 kg
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